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For a variety of reasons, patients may be missing teeth, including cavities, trauma, fractures, and gum disease.  As you can imagine, missing multiple teeth may make it difficult to chew, smile, speak, function, and exude self-confidence.

A dental implant mimics the form and function of a natural tooth. The dental implant is a titanium root that gets fitted into a socket that we create in your jaw. Once the root heals, we place an artificial crown on top. The new crown is customized to match your bite and the color of your teeth.

Dental implants can also be used to improve the retention of your denture. Often times, especially lower complete dentures can be very loose. Part of this reason is the lack of bone that will hold the denture in place. Locators can be attached onto dental implants that will effectively hold your dentures in place.

What are the benefits of getting teeth implants?

  • They look and act like natural teeth

  • They have a very high success rate

  • They improve appearance, comfort, and speech

  • It’s easier to eat